Relating Structure to Separation

Integrated Platform of Glycan Retention Properties


We are a group of developers and researchers who know how important it is to find and have access to high quality data collections

That is why we have designed a platform for storing H/UPLC and LC-MS/MS elution positions for more N- and O-linked glycan structures. An important goal of the project is provide contextual experimental information providing researchers access to a rich knowledgebase, which will assist data interpretation and remove some of the barriers in analytical glycomics. 

We are developing a search interface for the UniCarb framework


Example: A2 or A2G2

Semantics-GlycoRDF application development

With the introduction of GlycoRDF the glycoinformatics community have started to build applications around semantic technologies. GlycoXYZ is an innovative platform that uses and extends the ideas of GlycoRDF. We have converted the relational databases used by EUROCarbDB and the early release of GlycoBase into a graph representation. This provides a powerful solution for navigating  the growing collection of separation-based data.